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Show decks

                                Bed Wood

- These boards are cut from kiln-dried oak or ash which is very hard, strong and stable. The color is golden red to light tan. The bed is then cut to size, grooved for skid strips, drilled for hold down bolts, sanded both sides, ready to finish.

CUSTOM SHOW BED WOOD - In addition to the specifications given for the standard grade, special attention is given to select boards with similar grain pattern. This is the best grade available.

Bed Wood Application Chart

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’28 -’31 Ford Model A
’32 -’50 Ford Ton (see floor conversion kits)
’38 -’52 Ford Ton*
*Customer makes cut-outs – template provided
’51 -’87 Ford Ton Short Box Stepside
’53 -’80 Ford Ton & Ton Long Box Stepside
’53 -’60 Ford 1 Ton Long Box Stepside
We have some patterns for Ford and Chevrolet Stakeside flatbeds. Inquire
’34 -’87 Chev.-GMC Ton Short Box Stepside
’47 -’53 Chev.-GMC Ton Long Box Stepside
’47 -’53 Chev.-GMC 1 Ton Long Box Stepside
’54 -’79 Chev.-GMC & Ton Long Box Stepside
’58 -’72 Chev.-GMC Ton Short Box Fleetside
’58 -’72 Chev.-GMC & Ton Long Box Fleetside
’67 -’72 Chev.-GMC Longhorn Fleetside
’55 -’58 Chev.-Cameo
’47 -’66 Chev.-GMC Panel & Suburban Custom Floors.


Dodge Spoken Here. Due to interchange of parts supplied by Dodge,
We will help translate which truck you have

’28 -’31 Dodge Ton Short Box Stepside
’28 -’31 Dodge Ton Long Box Stepside
’28 -’31 Dodge Military & Civilian Power Wagons
’28 -’31 Dodge 1 Ton Long Box Stepside
’28 -’31 Plymouth Ton Stepside
* Indicates "When Available"

Other species of wood are available on special orders. Inquire.

The bed wood is also available without holes. Specify.

The holes for the box side to floor are not drilled as the pickup manufacturers were not consistent in the locations. Simply set the edge board in place, mark the hole location, remove and drill.

'60-'66 Chevy- GMC Fleetside

TIP: '73-'87 Chevy-GMC Stepside pickups have bolts attached to the angles along the sides. Center punch these and drill through the head with a 11/32" bit. Square out the hole using a square file. In a few strokes the hole will accept the carriage bolts included in the Skid Strip Bolt Kit. See new Angle and Bolt Mt on page 7 to replace complete angle.

If you have a finished truck and don't want to remove your original floor, but would like something different, we offer a "Show Deck" which simply lays on top of your original floor.

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