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Show decks

Custom Show decks
New or Old we can cover it!! The "Show Deck" is now available for trucks as new as 2004. This "Show Deck" was designed for all applications where the original floor of the vehicle is a steel structure, or your truck is finished and you don't want to remove the existing floor. Installed in minutes, this deck can be used for shows and cruising. The skid strip screws are attached to the aluminum subframe, eliminating the need to drill any holes in your pickup floor. This allows you to remove the Show Deck for hauling and everyday use.

Vehicle Description Complete Show Deck
Starting at:

Short Box Stepside

up to 82"
Including Sportside and Flareside

plus shipping
Short Box Wide Bed
up to 82"
Including Fleetside, Styleside and Splash
plus shipping
Long Box Wide Bed
Over 82"
Including Fleetside, Styleside, Ranchero and El Camino
plus shipping


Use of the rubber-padded, extruded aluminum subframe prevents scratches as well as allowing proper air movement to ensure moisture control between the wood deck and pickup floor.

These decks are available finished or unfinished and are also available with steel or polished stainless steel hardware. A screwdriver and tape measure are all the tools needed to assemble the deck.

Bed Wood

These "Show Decks" are custom-made to order. The Specially-selected, kiln-dried hardwoods are completely machined to fit your truck. American ash or oak is our standard featured wood. Other species such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, purple-heart, teak, bubinga and butternut are available at extra cost.

Skid Strips
These die-formed, Steel and stainless steel strips are cut to shape and have holes punched in the proper locations. The stainless is a 304 grade, which is not magnetic (a true stainless) and will not rust. Polishing and buffing to a mirror finish is optional.

Rear Sill Angles
This formed angle covers the tailgate end of the Show Deck creating a finished look. It's available in matching steel or stainless to complement the skid strips.

Mix or match these fasteners with the skid strips and angles
Includes enough pieces to assemble the show deck.

Finish Kit
After much testing, we have put together what we feel are the best finishing materials in a kit form. The kit includes a marine- grade, tung oil-base spar varnish with ultraviolet blockers built in; a special reducer containing naptha; two quality natural bristle brushes; garnet sandpaper; Scotchbrite pad; a tack cloth; and complete instructions.

Assembly Instructions

We provide a complete guide to assembling and installing your Show Deck.

Finishing Services Available
We will apply a high-quality spar varnish finish to your show deck. We will work with you to satisfy your particular needs.  Complete Assembled Show Decks are available but need to be to be shipped via Motor freight.


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